Game Scheduled for 23rd, 40 Report at First Practice Yesterday, Warner System to Be Used

Harvard's newly organized 150-pound football team will invade Tigertown on November 23 to open its very brief season. It was only last Thursday that the first meeting of the candidates was held, to which 60 men reported. At the initial practice yesterday 40 men turned out, and a scrimmage was held with the Winthrop House team, which, as the champion of the House Football League, is to play Vanderbilt College, the Yale Champions, here this Friday.

A testimony to the quality of the material which was in uniform for the 150's yesterday is the fact that against their defense the Puritans lost more yardage than they gained. Lack of time for practicing and conditioning will undoubtedly handicap the team against the more experienced Princetonians, but a good many of the men have been playing on House teams all fall and a smooth-working outfit should be developed in short order. Coach Bilder plans to use the same system which he used with the Dunster House team this fall, based mainly on the famous Warner System.