Open Forum Speeches Are Emphasized In Union Society -- "New England Secession" for Argument

A new Freshman public speaking organization goes into action Monday night when the Harvard Union Society holds its first meeting in the Union Common Room at 7.15 o'clock.

The Society's first poster. "Who pays the bill?" has been seen in a lot of places recently; it's just a lead for the subject of the first debate, Resolved: That New England should secede from the Union. Four students will each give a seven minute prepared speech. Then, and this is the principal thing wherein the Society differs from those of previous years, the meeting will be thrown into an open forum. Every man in the room will be urged to speak extemporaneously pro or con on the subject of the debate.

Through these meetings, which will be continued through the year, it is the chief hope of the Society to get on his feet every Freshman who is interested in public speaking. Those who do well in the debates and discussions will then, though this is an incidental point, qualify for the debating team and for the speaking prizes regularly open to Freshmen.

Before the meeting on Monday opens, John H. Gleason '30, member of the Society's sub-committee of proctors, will explain briefly the mechanics of the forum. In the prepared debate the speakers for the negative will be J. W. Kaufman and Francis Keppel, for the affirmative John L. Calvocoressi and Richard W. Sullivan. Later in the year these preparatory speakers, who put the question before the meeting, may include a number of professors, tutors, etc.

In charge of the Society are two committees, one composed of proctors, Kendrie N. Marshall '21, John H. Gleason '30, Armistead B. Rood '31, and Paul C. Reardon '32, the other of members of the Freshman Union Committee, J. W. Bennett, John Neamith, and Albert Stickney, Jr.