House League Ends Up With Last Tilts This Afternoon

Lowell Meets Dunster, Winthrop Plays Leverett in Wind-Ups

The final games in the house football league will be played this afternoon, in which Lowell and Winthrop, the leading title contenders, will stake their hopes against Dunster and Leverett elevens.

Rumors have it that both house masters and families will be on the field, and impressive student delegations, led by bands, will be there. It has been said also that the Bell-boys have stolen the plays of the Dunster-men and intend to turn them against their originators.

The Puritans will have a good battle against the Rabbits, who have showed up well in some of their earlier games. If both teams win, or tie, the title will have to be played off next week. If both teams should lose, a three way tie with Kirkland will result. The champions are to play the Yale champions on November 16 at Soldiers Field.