Vacation's Gayety Open to Harvard Students in Quebec

Sports, Social Events, Are Offered by Chateau Frontenac

Old English festivities, including the bringing in of the Yule log, the processional bearing of the boar's head, and the baron of beef, are being revived this Christmas and New Year's season at the Chateau Frontenac, on the site of the ancient Fort Saint Louis, in Quebec.

The famous Canadian Pacific hostelry has especially invited students and alumni of Harvard University to share in the season's gaiety. Supper dances are scheduled for every evening, to the music of an 11-piece dance orchestra and an eighteenth century concert orchestra.

Winter sports, for which Quebec is famous, will include skating, tobogganing, curling, skiing, hockey, dog-sled racing, ski contests and snowshoeing, and are under the supervision of J. G. Strathdee, Sports Director. An interesting side trip is afforded by a visit to the ancient "Lower Town."