Hockey Sextet Faces Indians On Hanover Ice This Morning

Winter Carnival Feature Game is First in Series with Dartmouth

HARVARD  DARTMOUTH Hasler, l.w.  r.w., Guibord Moseley. c.  c., Spain Beale, r.w.  l.w., Powers Walts. l.d.  r.d., Bennett Dow, r.d.  l.d., Fitzpatrick deGive, g.  g., McHugh

Presenting its strongest lineup of the season, the Crimson skaters will oppose a favored Dartmouth sextet on the Davis rink at Hanover this morning, in the first of a series of games to determine the winner in the best two out of three. This annual contest, is one of the colorful features of the Big Green's yearly carnivals.

The debut of Fred Moseley as a Varsity hockey player has considerably strengthened the Harvard lineup, while the position of Frank Gleason, who is still in the Infirmary recuperating from as injured leg sustained in the game with Boston University last week, will be filled by Dick Dow. Fran Lane will be sent in as much as his convalescing knee injury will permit.

Dartmouth presents one of the strongest teams in Eastern intercollegiate hockey with several veterans and the best college wingman of the vicinity in the person of Frank Spain. As in the case of both Princeton and Harvard, the Indian's goal is guarded by the team's captain, Jim McHugh, who is assisted by three other first-rank guardians of the draperies.