First Year Law Students Are Awarded Large Scholarships

Nineteen Men Receive $7,450 in Aids For Second Half Year

The Shelton Hale Scholarship has been awarded to Saul S. Friedberg 1L, of Cedarhurst, New York; the Rutherford B. Hayes Scholarship to Laurence E. Broh-Kahn 1L., of Cambridge; the Herbert Parker Scholarship to Isadore Paisner 1L., of Brookline; the Robert T. Swaine Scholarship to David R. Hensley 1L., of Montgomery City, Missouri.

Aids from the Andrew and J. Bayard Scholarships have been awarded to the following: Norman S. Altman 1L., of Bronx, New York; Herbert B. Cohn 1L., of New York, New York; Robert M. Estes 1L., of Manchester, New Hampshire; Hirsh Freed 1L., of Brooklyn, New York; Henry Gesmer 1L., of Quincy; Arnold G. Malkan 1L., of New York, New York; Wallace Mendelson 1L., of Chicago, Illinois; Herbert Peterfreund, 1L., of Glen Lyon, Pennsylvania; Hyman W. Rosenthal 1L., of Paterson, New Jersey; Wilbur R. Shook 1L., of Morristown, New Jersey; Philip D. Straffin 1L., of Campello; Lyman M. Tondel, Jr. 1L., of Seattle, Washington; Seymour J. Wener 1L., of New York, New York; Donald P. White 1L., of Syracuse, Kansas; and Charles S. Yancey 1L., of Dallas, Texas.