Pierian Sodality Will Give Concert Over WBZA Today

Performance With Orchestra Of Colby Junior College

In conjunction with the orchestra of Colby Junior College, at New London, New Hampshire, the Pierian Sodality of 1808 will give a radio concert over WBZA from 2 until 3 o'clock this afternoon.

The combined orchestras will be conducted by Miss Florence Leach of Colby, and by Malcolm H. Holmes '28. The program will include Mendelssohn's overture to Fingal's Cave, three movements from the Jupiter Symphony by Mozart, and "Tales from the Vienna Woods," by Johann Strauss.

A duet from "Lakme," by Delibes will be offered by two sopranos, students of Colby, who will be accompanied by both orchestras. The Dance Russe from Tschaikowsky's Nutcracker Suite is the concluding number of the broadcast. Holmes will make the announcements, and will comment upon the program.