Workout Moved to Cage to Avoid Cold Weather--Johnny Adzigian Leads in Batting Race

Pointing to the Amherst game tomorrow, Coach Fred Mitchell put his Varsity squad through a long session at Soldiers Field yesterday. The afternoon started with batting practice on the outdoor diamond, but operations were transferred to Briggs Cage as the day grew colder. Today the Varsity is slated to play the Jayvees.

Batting practice is very much in order these days, because the past six games have shown that the hitting power is concentrated in the bats of three or four men, with the brilliant Johnny Adzigian in the lead. It's only natural for hitting power on any college team to be concentrated, but on the Varsity this year one might almost say it is limited to those three or four; if part of the first half of the batting order gets on bases, it's long odds if the lower half can show enough stuff to bring home the bacon. Failure to bring men home was one of the main reasons for losing to Tufts. This weakness is further accentuated by the total lack of pinch hitters.