There was a meeting of the Henry Adams Club in Adams House yesterday noon. The club is composed of young graduate students in American history and after dinner they adjourned to the upper common room to revel in some choice tid-bits of knowledge to top off the season. On their way upstairs one of the members, supposedly a stranger to the architectural beauties of Adams House paused before the Tudor door that leads into the Roman court and smiled as he looked at the Moorish dome over the stair well. "It looks like a boudoir," he said.

We hope that some one has shown him the Colonial entrance, the guaranteed genuine Y.M.C.A. swimming pool, and the Florentine, possible corrupted by a little Maya Indian, lower common room. Such things ought to be of interest to a student of history who knows about boudoirs.

* * *

The diversity of Adams House architecture provides a new scene for the inmates every time they turn a corner but we haven't heard of anyone in as awkward a position as the residents of Davenport College at Yale. Davenport is Gothic on the outside and has a charming interior of Georgian finish. The story has it that one of the professors in the College took the matter so to heart that he had a dressing gown made with one that harmonized with the Gothic and the other with the Georgian motif. His only problem now is to sit with the right side exposed when he studies by the window.