One-Act Play, "Der Gruene Kakadu," Will Be Presented This Evening at Fine Arts Theatre

The German Club of Harvard University under the direction of James M. Hawkes, instructor in German, will present Schnitzler's "Der Gruene Kakadu," at the Fine Arts Theatre this evening. This one-act grotesque, which deals with the dramatic period of the outbreak of the French Revolution, is the second of Schnitzler's plays to be presented by the Turmwaechter, the first, "Liebelei," having been given last year in conjunction with the Wellesley German Club. The play is to be presented in addition to the regular Fine Arts program which includes the German film "Herthas Erwachen."

The action of the play centers about Prosper, the keeper of an 18th-century night club, a former theatre-director, and now an ardent revolutionist, who entertains his noble patrons with short criminal sketches, in which fact and fiction are indissolubly intertwined. As the news of the fall of the Bastille arrives, all the players throw off their disguises and give vent to their true feelings. The high point of the play is reached in the murder of Duke Emile, bringing to a climax a train of intrigue so typical of the spirit of that age.

The following members of the Turmwaechter have roles: J. A. Grubinskas '35, T. D. Steinway '36, H. E. Roman '36, E. S. Randall 1G, C. R. Moore '35, M. S. Variell '37, J. Pair '36, A. S. White '36, E. H. Ober '35, E. L. Zaugg '35. F. A. Bauire '36, A. G. Benry '36, M. A. Alpert '36, H. H. Nagles '35, J. Levinne '36, J. L. Harman '36, and C. F. Hayes '36