In an attempt to remedy the inefficiency of the booths catering to the appetites of audiences at the football games in the fall, the Athletic Association announced yesterday that the concession next year would be managed by Jacobs Brothers, who for many years have supervised similar projects for the University of Michigan, the University of Pittsburgh, and other colleges.

The special complaint that was lodged against the present administration of the stands was the lack of attractiveness and efficiency that has characterized the conduct of the concession under the management of graduate school men. Each year two men from the graduate schools have been appointed to head the Stadium concessions and it is felt by the H.A.A. that with a professional caterer at the head more efficient service can be given.

Under the new setup there will be a continuity of direction and no change in the policy of employing only undergraduates on the stands. As a matter of fact, the new holder of the concession has promised that more undergraduates will receive employment and that the wages will be higher. The present stands will be renovated and new ones will be constructed in order to accommodate a larger number of people.

Canopies will be installed over the stands and all of the booths, both new and old, will be made permanent fixtures beneath the Stadium.

The undergraduates, who are to work on the stands in the fall will be engaged, as in the past, through the Student Employment office, and men should make application to the Employment office before June 15.