Clocked at 21 Minutes, 15 Seconds on Four-Mile Thames Course in Trial Row Saturday

J. Pierpont Morgan's yacht "Corsair" was the scene of the Harvard crew's sojourn yesterday. Accompanied by Bill Bingham, the entire squad spent the day cruising on Long Island Sound as the guests of the financier and Crimson alumnus of '89.

After arriving at training quarters early Saturday afternoon, the Varsity was immediately tested on the Thames River four-mile course, and turned in the time of 21 minutes, 15 seconds in spite of whitecaps which threatened to swamp the shell. Coach Charlie Whiteside appeared pleased by the performance. The Jayvee and Freshman boats paced the Varsity for the first two miles, and both were at least a length, astern at the finish.

The Eli oarsmen are scheduled to descend upon Gale's Ferry tomorrow. For the first time on record, the crew will have all their examinations behind them when they start for the Thames. In former years they have taken the exams at Gales Ferry between practice sprints on the river. As a result all the crews since May 19 have been able to row only three days a week, and they have been slowed up quite evidently by the respite.

This season Coach Ed Leader has gathered the greatest boatload of stalwarts that he has collected since he went to New Haven in the fall of 1922. It is not the most finished crew at present, but it is probably the most powerful. If the crew rounds into form at New London, its great power may offset any lack of finish.

The Jayvee boat has been somewhat disrupted by seating changes. The 1937 men have lost every race they have rowed, including that with the Kent School boys.