Tutor in Government Will Not Give Up Other Positions -- Not to Hold Post As Secretary for Appointments

Announcement has been made of the appointment of Albert E. Hindmarsh, Instructor in Government and an Assistant Dean of Harvard College as Secretary of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Mr. Hindmarsh's appointment fills the vacancy in that position which was made by the sudden death of George Cram '88, who died after a short illness last December.

Mr. Hindmarsh received his Master's degree in 1927 and in 1931 became a Doctor of Philosophy in Government. After receiving his A.M. he was made an Instructor in Government in which position he has remained ever since. For several years he has served as an assistant dean of the College, being in charge of Records.

Mr. Hindmarsh will not give up any of his other appointments after assuming his new post, but will continue his work in the Dean's office and in the Government Department.

Mr. Cram, who has held the position for many years as Recorder and later Secretary, was also Secretary for Appointments, a job which became merely a clearing house for teaching jobs for which young graduates had applied. In the last three years this position became increasingly important as jobs of a teaching nature were scarce and all positions were over-applied for, Mr. Cram was forced to devote almost his entire time to this end of his work. It is believed that Mr. Hindmarsh will have nothing to do with that side of his predecessor's work, but will assume only the duties as Secretary of the Faculty.