Inaugurating the second season of its re-existence the Harvard Memorial Society will hold its first meeting of the year on Thursday, October 4, in order that preparations may be made for the annual dinner of the organizations to be held some time this fall.

From the war until last year the Memorial Society was a defunct organization which had died from lack of interest on the part of undergraduates, but which prior to its end had performed a real service at Harvard. Its work consisted of placing the memorial plaques on the doors of all the rooms in the halls in the Yard which were over one hundred years old, listing on those plates the occupants of the rooms for the first hundred or more years of their existence. Meetings and dinners went to make the club a pleasant one in which to be a member, but toward the end of its life the members tired of their great works and gradually interest died, and the Society ceased to be active.

Club Revived

Last year under the aegis of Samuel E. Morlson '08, professor of History, the Club was revived by members of the Class of 1937, which will be the three hundredth to graduate from the College. All the members with a few exceptions were drawn from men of that class and the running of the organization was left entirely to their charge. It has not yet been decided what the policy will be toward including members from the present Freshman Class, but it is believed likely that admittance will not be denied to them and that a few offices will be open to the class.

Last year the society decided to erect a plaque to President Eliot to be placed by the door of Mr. Eliot's College room In Holworthy. It was also planned to continue the practice of printing the names of the occupants of the rooms in the Yard Halls and to complete the present rolls which are installed outside the doors.