3-0 Lead for Harvard in First Period Overcome as Olympics Hit Stride; Crimson Play Spirited

After piling up a 3-point lead by brilliant play in the first period, the Varsity pucksters fell before the accelerating onslaught of the Boston Olymic Club's sextet at the Arena last night by a score of 7-4. The second and third periods were marked by sloppy work and offside plays. The Crimson suffered only one penalty while the Olmpics were taking seven.

Although Ford stared the scoring, the forward wall composed of Hallowell, Hovenanian and Holmes was instrumental in placing all of the remaining tallies. Moseley, Ford, and Carr flashed down together in fine style, but couldn't combine to get past the opposing defense more than once. Watts played a spas- modic game at defense making the blunder which was directly responsible for the first goal of the Olympics, yet rallying strongly throughout the game to break up the opposing attack.

The summary:

OLYMPIC CLUB  HARVARDHarris, l.w.  r.w., HallowellHilliard, c.  c., HolmesG. Smith, r.w.  l.w., HovenanianSplaine, l.d.  r.d., EckerLangmaid, r.d.  l.d., WattsMoore, g.  g., Emerso