With more than a dozen crews churning the Charles under the watchful eyes of Coach Charlie Whiteside prospects for the 1936 season are at this stage none too dark.

Most of the lettermen have not showed up yet due to football and other fall sport participation, with the result that boatings are arranged only roughly according to class. There is a Senior, a Junior, a couple of Sophomore, and a couple of 155-pound boats.

Right now attention is on fundamentals. Under careful supervision as to the essentials of good rowing, a half-hour spin up the river for each crew makes up the day's work.

Freshman Turnout

Particularly encouraging to the coaches is the turnout of Freshmen, larger than has been the case for several years. Approximately 100 experienced and inexperienced members of 1939 report daily.

As seated at present the first Freshman crew has a nucleus of private school veterans. The boating is: stroke, W. S. Rowe, II, of Middlesex; 7, J. L. Tyson, of Kent; 6, P. Dean, of Exeter; 5, D. Talbot, of Belmont Hill; 4, T. L. Talbot, of Belmont Hill; 3, C. Cary, of Brooks; 2, C. Hovey, Jr., of Noble and Greenough; bow, C. T. Richardson, Jr., of St. Pauls; cox, unfilled.

This present first crew will race next week with each of the other boats in a number of three-quarter mile races. Af- ter these races Whiteside believes a number of inexperienced men may go into a revised first crew.

In spite of the large turnout the head coach believes that many 1939 oarsmen have yet to report