Commuters to Hold Informal Fall Dance on November 27

Foss Heads Gross Arranging Dudley Hall's First Dance

Under the chairmanship of Forrest T. Foss '37 the members of the Non-Resident students center in Dudley Hall are planning a Thankagiving Dance to take place at the Center on Wednesday, November 27, from 9 to 1 o'clock.

The dance, which is to be informal, will take place in the dining hall on the east side of the building. Assisting Chairman Foss in arranging the affair are: Joseph Franklin '38, Eliot Alter '37, Morton A. Porter '37, and Richard O. Ulin '38. Music is to be furnished by all orchestra conducted by Porter, who is a member of the Center.

Prices for members are $.75 stag and $1.00 couple; for non-members the prices are $1.25 stag and $1.50 couple. All members of the University are invited.