Instrumentalists Journey to Worcester to Give Program

Yard Quartet, Magicians, Banjo Duet Stand Out in Varied Program

Folk and football song will feature the program of the Instrumental Clubs in their Worcester concert at the Hotel Bancroft this evening.

Included in the musical program of the combined Banjo, Vocal, and Mandolin Clubs are songs such as "Pop Goes the Weasel," "John Peel," and "Fair Harvard," offerings by the Gold Coast Orchestra and the banjo pair, E. Rotan Sargent '36 and Franklin P. Whitbeck '35.

Edward L. Barnes '38 will lead his magician act, and finally, the new Yard Quartet, consisting of Edwin G. Davis, Jr. '38, John A. Carter '37, George H. Spencer '38, and George W. Wickersham, II '38, will hold forth.