Freshman Petition Asks End Of Council Election Control

Would Have Class Officers Chosen After Petition

Discontent has reared its head and petitioners are canvasing the Yard in an attempt to win more converts. The cause is the recent Freshman elections which they claim are undemocratic and foolish.

The petition was drawn up by George F. Stubbs, Jr., '38. It reads: "We the undersigned, members of the Class of 1938 of Harvard College, do hereby protest against the manner and form in which the elections for class officers are being carried out and petition that the elections be reheld in a more democratic manner, that all candidates be proposed by petitions signed by at least 100 members of the class of 1938; and that each candidate shall be a candidate for a definite office and a candidate for only one office."

The sponsors have secured somewhat over 60 names and expect a great many more next week.