Harvard in Tie With Lions for Second Place--Bill Lincoln Will Start on Mound

HARVARD  PRINCETON Prouty, l.f.  r.f., Nevitt Adzigian, 3b.  1b., Myers Gibbs, c.f.  c.f., LeVan Bilodeau, 1b.  2b., Sandbach Owen, r.f.  s.s., Chubet Woodruff, s.s.  3b., French Maguire, c.  l.f., Spencer Hayes, 2b.  c., Reichel Lincoln, p.  p., Bell or Lauritzen

Unbeaten in three successive starts, Bill Lincoln is slated to toe the slab this afternoon when the Crimson nine meets a powerful Princeton aggregation in an Eastern Intercollegiate return game which promises to be one of the best contests of the year on the Soldiers Field schedule. The game will start at 3 o'clock.

With an Intercollegiate League championship possibly in the balance as the result of today's encounter, it seems likely that baseball fans will witness one of the closest and hardest fought games of the season. The Cambridge outfit is at present tied for second place with the Lions and hot on the heels of Dartmouth, which now leads by the narrow margin of a half game, whereas the Nassan nine stands in fourth place.

The two teams played their first League game at Princeton a week ago, when a masterful exhibition of pitching by Lincoln let the Tigers down with two hits and gave the Crimson a 2-0 shutout and its second successive League victory.