At a meeting last night, of the Harvard Liberal Club, Douglas Poole Dryer '36 of Petersburg, Virginia was elected president for the coming year. The other officers elected were Daniel Boone Schirmer '37 of Greenwich, Connecticut, vice-president; Bruce Ormsby Bliven, Jr. '37, of New York City, secretary; Aaron Jerome Himelhoch '38 of Detroit, Michigan, treasurer; and Raymond Dennett '36 of Williamstown, member of the executive committee at large.

After his election Dryer issued a statement in which he expressed the hope that the Liberal Club would enter into the life of the college as a whole.

"The Club," he said, "will seek to develop informal parliamentary debate on current political issues. We hope to have not only only Liberal and Radical groups represented in the Club, but also Conservative opinion so that all the various interests in the University may express their views. The model for such a forum may be found in the Yale Political Union. The Club will continue its policy of having outside speakers and forming study groups."

Dryer has been the secretary of the Club and organized the study groups which have been held this year, one in the philosophy of Liberalism with Dr. Taylor and the other on the New Deal with Dr. Max Shepard.

Bliven, the newly elected secretary, is the son of Bruce Bliven, editor of the New Republic, and was in charge of lo- cal relations in the recent conference on careers in government. Himelhoch will be remembered for his active work in the April Peace Strike.

Schirmer has been one of the leaders in the National Students League and is on the board of their paper, the Student News. Dennett has been a member of the Liberal Club for the last two years, was chairman of the student conference on government, and is president-elect of the Phillips Brooks House