Varsity Stickmen to Close Season With Yale Tomorrow

Have Improved Considerably After an Unimpressive Start

With the Yale game scheduled for tomorrow at New Haven, the Varsity lacrosse team has been tapering off in its practice the last few days, and the players appear to be in excellent shape.

Although Harvard's early-season record was not impressive, the last few games have seen a rapid improvement, and an even game is expected. At the beginning of the season, Coach Bob Pool's men took a Southern trip, which resulted most unfavorably, the Varsity stickmen losing all three games. Mt. Washington proved easily superior, 13-4; the University of Maryland trounced the Crimson 11-0; and the game with Navy was lost 7-1. After the return of the team, intensive practice was resumed, and the team took Dartmouth, Brown, and Tufts into camp, all by large scores. Princeton trimmed Harvard in a close game, 6-4, and last week the Boston Lacrosse Club was soundly drubbed. 12-0.