Crimson Captain and Bosworth Close Their Their Three Years of Varsity Play With Victory

With Captain Jonathan England leading the way, Harvard's Varsity lacrosse team downed Yale, 8-4 in an open game at New Haven Saturday.

England was in top form, and Farrell, the Yale goalie, was completely powerless to stop his barrage of six goals. Taylor was the only one who functioned well for the Elis, and he led the Yale attack, netting two goals. Frank Bosworth and Roland were the only other Crimson stickmen to score.

The game was marked by the excellence of Harvard's teamplay. The passing was the best of the season, and the squad seemed to have recovered completely from the lack of team work in the Princeton game.

Harvard started the scoring rampage early in the game, and Yale never threatened, although they were only two goals behind at one point.

It was the last game for both Bosworth and England, and they closed their respective careers as lacrossemen with fitting games. Throughout the entire game, the Yale defence was bewildered by the number of Crimson rushes, and without Taylor, the Elimen would probably have been held scoreless. Harvard's defence, a weak point on the southern tour earlier in the season, was noticeably improved, and Howard, Harvard's goalie stopped many rushes by the Blue.

While the Varsity was having such easy going, the Jayvee squad was defeated by Yale 5-4 in a close, even game. Thompson's two goals won for the Blue.