To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

I wish to protest against the policy of your editorial board, which has impressed me of being guilty of very dilatory and lazy tactics. Some days your editorials are very good, and other days they are very bad. There are often times when you say absolutely nothing. I have seen spaces in your editorial column where for as much as five or ten inches, there is a vacuum. At other times you clutter it up with playgoers and book-shelves and letters from the student body, such as this letter, and there is literally too much said on your editorial page. Nothing can be said against the news columns of your paper, which are written up in the best sports style, and I often find myself so engrossed in the story that I read through to the very end in order to find out what sport you are talking about. I notice with approval that when you find that you have missed an event by a week or so, you do not try to cover yourself up by saying that the event took place "yesterday" but adopt the straightforward method of saying that it took place "recently." J. Reginald Burlingame '36.