SEPTEMBER 21--1000 Freshmen enter Harvard as the Class of 1938.

OCTOBER 8-- Shaun Kelly, Jr. '36, Student Council member, takes charge of Class of 1938.

OCTOBER 4 --Corporation declines the Hanfstaengl scholarship.

OCTOBER 9 --Charles C. Burlingham '79, succeeds Adams as Alumni head.

OCTOBER 10 --Chester K. Litman '35, wins the Francis H. Burr Scholarship.

OCTOBER 11 --Bell-ringing at Lowell House starts up again.

OCTOBER 17 --Beer deficit threatens the University.

OCTOBER 18 --Hemenway Gymnasium re-opened for Graduate students.

OCTOBER 25 --Bacon is elected and Roosevelt policies are downed in CRIMSON poll. Hitler convicted on most counts in mock trial. George R. Minot '08, receives Nobel Prize.

OCTOBER 30 --Engineering School turned over to Graduate study.

NOVEMBER 1 --Construction on Parking lot is started.

NOVEMBER 3 --Harvard football team defeated 19-0 as relations with Princeton are resumed.

NOVEMBER 7 --Curley, Walsh win in Massachusetts as nation voices approval of New Deal.

NOVEMBER 8 --Holy Cross to be omitted from football schedule.

NOVEMBER 15 --Commuters move for a new social centre.

NOVEMBER 21--Dramatic Club chooses "La Machine Infernale" for first production.

NOVEMBER 23--Harvard declines Mellon scholarship as replacement of Hanfstaengl award.

NOVEMBER 24--Harvard football team defeated 14-0 by Yale.

NOVEMBER 28--Operating expenses have been reduced says the Shattuck Report.

NOVEMBER 30--H.A.A. has $30,000 deficit.

DECEMBER 5 --Eddie Casey resigns as Head Coach of football.

DECEMBER 6 --Dean Edsall resigns from the Medical School.

DECEMBER 11 --Memorial services for Dean Briggs.

DECEMBER 12 --Frank Bowditch, Herman Gundlach, and Arthur Todd elected Marshalls of 1935.

DECEMBER 13 --Beer discontinued.

DECEMBER 17 --Holcombe accepts invitation of Chinese Republic to advise on new constitution.

DECEMBER 18 --Hemenway Gymnasium may become the new social center for commuters.

DECEMBER 19 --Hanford abolishes the customary attendance check on pre-vacation classes for undergraduates.

DECEMBER 20 --Arthur S. Pier is elected Permanent Class Secretary by the Senior Class.

DECEMBER 21 --Dean Edgell of School of Architecture resigns to become Director of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

JANUARY 3 --Bingham claims that professionalism is a menace to football.

JANUARY 7 --Richard C. Harlow named football coach.

JANUARY 8 --After recount of ballots, Student Council confirms Gundlach as First Marshall.

JANUARY 15 --Roving Professors urged by Conant in Annual report to Board of Overseers.

JANUARY 18 --Concentration quotas are to be initiated in all departments for the next three years.

FEBRUARY 1 --Varsity Club welcomes Harlow at dinner.

FEBRUARY 13 --Dean Pound in annual report urges four year law course.

FEBRUARY 18 --Eddie Casey is chosen new coach of Boston Redskins to succeed Dietz.

FEBRUARY 19 --Sprague and Taussig uphold Supreme Court Decision in the Gold Clause Case.

FEBRUARY 26 --Charles A. Coolidge, Jr. '17 is appointed to Corporation to succeed Robert Homans '94; Charles S. Burwell chosen Dean of Medical School.

FEBRUARY 28 --Kittredge celebrates 75th birthday.

MARCH 3 --Yale Hockey Team defeats Harvard 3-2.

MARCH 5 --Harlow chooses Stahley, Crowther, Palm as assistant football coaches.

MARCH 6 --P.B.H. votes to expel commuters after June.

MARCH 8 --Phi Beta Kappa names Junior eight.

MARCH 9 --Hockey team defeats Yale 4-1; Trackmen win Tri Meet.

MARCH 13 --Final Hockey game--Yale 3, Harvard 2.

MARCH 18 --German dead honored in Memorial Chapel.

MARCH 20 --Student Council Report advocates unlimited soliciting by students.

MARCH 26 --Commuters get first floor of Dudley Hall as center.

APRIL 8 --Harvard to apply top seventh plan to 26 progressive schools.

APRIL 10 Taussig resigns from economics department.

APRIL 11 --Conant proposes endowment fund for all Harvard teams.

APRIL 12 --Harvard's second Annual Peace Strike.

APRIL 22 --House vacancies are over-applied by 119.

APRIL 27 --Copey celebrates 75th birthday.

MAY 6 Douglas, as Godkin lecturer, flays New Deal; Whitney resigns from position as Kirkland House Master.

MAY 9 --Distribution requirement liberalized for Class of 1939.

MAY 11 --Harvard Track team wins Heptagonal Meet.

MAY 14 --Bock appointed to succeed Worcester as head of Stillman Infirmary and Hygiene Department.

MAY 17 --Freshman Committee urges changes in courses and activities.

MAY 20 --University to assume functions of the Alumni Placement Office.

MAY 21 --Lampoon Building closed by trustees after publication of "Esquire" issue.

MAY 23 Track team defeats Yale.

June 5 --Quina, Kelly, White to head Student Council for 1935-6.