We are reprinting this article because we feel it will be of interest to those men who were unable to see Friday's issue.

The Most Reverend William Temple, Archbishop of York, and Professor Corrado Gini, noted Italian statistician, are among the eighteen scholars from American and European universities who are expected to be visiting members of the Harvard faculty this year.

Ten of the visiting scholars are from universities of Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Finland, while eight are from institutions in the United States. Of the group, two will bear the title of Professor, and the rest will be Lecturers.

Dr. Temple will be William Belden Noble Lecturer on Religion, giving two public lectures at the Harvard Memorial Church in December. As a student at Oxford in 1904, Dr. Temple was President of the Union. Following graduation he was a Fellow and Lecturer in Philosophy at Queens College, Oxford, 1904-1910. After holding various offices in the church he was made Bishop of Manchester in 1921. In 1929 he became Archbishop of York.

Dr. Gini, who is Professor of Statistics and Biometrics at the Royal University, and Director of the Royal Institute of Statistics, both of Rome, will be lecturer on Sociology during the second half-year. Professor Gini was President of the Imperial Statistical Institute of Italy, 1927-32, and was head of the Italian Delegation to the International Diplomatic Conference on Labor Statistics.

The two visiting Professors are Karl Victor, Professor of German Philosophy at the University of Giessen, Germany, and Charles Cestre, Professor of American Literature and Civilization at the Faculte des Lettres, Paris. Professor Victor will be Kuno Francke Professor of German Art and Culture during the first half-year. Professor Cestre will be Exchange Professor from France during the first half-year. He held the same position at Harvard in 1917-18.

Of the visiting lecturers, Lars Valerian Ahlfors, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics at the University of Helsingfors, Finland, will be lecturer and tutor in Mathematics throughout the year.

Dr. Ahlfors will take the place of Marston Morse, professor of Mathematics, who is going to the Einstein Institute at Princeton.

Leonard Carmichael, Professor of Pay- chology and Director of the Psychological Laboratory, Brown University, will be lecturer on Psychology during the first half-year. A graduate of Tufts in 1921, Professor Carmichael did graduate work at Harvard, receiving his Ph.D. in 1924. From 1924-27 he taught at Princeton, and in 1927 he went to Brown. He has taught several summers at the Harvard Summer School.

Professor Carmichael will replace Professor Boring who has been granted a leave of absence in which he will be writing his new book on the history of experimental psychology in the nineteenth century.

Oliver Peter Field, Professor of Government at the University of Minnesota, will be at Harvard as lecturer and tutor in Government throughout the year.

Professor Field will assume the duties of Henry A. Yeomans '00, professor of Government, who has been granted a leave of absence.

Rudolph Ernest Langer, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, will be lecturer and tutor in Mathematics. After graduating from Harvard College in 1927, Professor Langer took his A. M. at Harvard in 1920, and his Ph.D. in 1928.

Replaces Widder

He is replacing David V. Widder '20, associate professor of Mathematics, who will be on leave of absence.

A well-known British classicist, Herbert Jennings Rose, since 1927 Professor of Greek at the University of St. Andrew's, Scotland, will be visiting lecturer on Latin during the first half-year. Following education at McGill and Oxford, Professor Rose was a Fellow and Lecturer of Exeter College, Oxford, 1907-11, and Associate Professor of Classics at McGill, 1911-15. After service in the army, 1915-19, he was appointed Professor of Latin at the University College of Wales, a position which he held until 1927. He is the author of numerous works on ancient classical cultures and mythology.

Ulich Remains

Dr. Robert Ulich, visiting lecturer on Comparative Education since 1933, will remain at Harvard in the same capacity during the coming year. Dr. Ulich is Professor of Philosophy at the Tech-nische Hochschule, Dresden.

For the third year, Professor Gaetano Salvemini will be Lauro de Bosis Lecturer on the History of Italian Civilization, Professor Salvemini served as Professor of History in the Universities of Messina, Pisa, and Florence, 1901-1925. From 1925 to 1933, when he came to Harvard, he taught at several universities in England and America.

Sociology Additions

Coming to Harvard this year as lecturers and tutors in Sociology are Edward Wight Bakke, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Yale, and Howard Paul Becker, Associate Professor of Sociology at Smith College. Dr. Bakke will be at Harvard during the second half-year and Dr. Becker during the first half-year.

Dr. Dietrich Gerhard, Privatdozent in Modern History at the University of Berlin and Lecturer at the Deutsche Hochschule fur Politik, will be lecturer and tutor in History during the second half-year. Dr. Gerard Pieter Kulper, of the Lick Observatory, University of California, will be lecturer on Astronomy. Ole Singstad, Chief Engineer on Tunnels, Port of New York Authority, will visit Harvard to lecture at the Graduate School of Engineering. Kenneth Vivian Thimann, Instructor in Bacteriology, California Institute of Technology, will be lecturer on Botany during the first half-year.

Willy Hartner

Willy Hartner, Lecturer at Frankfurt University, Germany, whose field is the history of natural sciences, especially astronomy among the peoples of the Orient, the Near East, and Central America, will be Lecturer on the History of Sciences during the year. Dr. Hartner will be among the faculty men giving courses in the new doctorate field "History of Science and Learning" projected by President James B. Conant last spring