Unusually High Scholastic Standard Made Rejection of Usually Acceptable Men Necessary

Holding the highest scholarship average of any entering class in Harvard College, the Freshmen of 1939 have surpassed even last year's record Class of 1938.

Said Richard M. Gummere, Chairman of the Committee on Admission, "Out of 1,700 candidates only 984 were chosen. The general level of examination marks was higher than usual, and a record number of new Freshmen ranked at the top of their secondary school classes."

Five hundred and eighty-eight Freshmen stood in the upper quarter of their preparatory school classes; 121 ranked first or second in their school graduating classes, and slightly more than 17 per cent of the entering Freshmen were among the first five in Scholarship in their school classes.

Over 150 men the majority of whom ranked first in their schools and nearly all of whom stood in the upper tenth of their classes, competed for the Prize Fellowships awarded this year to Freshmen.