Harvard Club of Nanking Is Organized Overnight by Unanimous Vote at Dinner

Associated Harvard Club Bulletin Gives Details of Formation of New Club

Harvard Clubs are formed over night, according to the annual report of Fang S. Chien '10, vice-president of the Orient Division of the Associated Harvard Clubs. At least this was the case with the Harvard Club of Nanking, formed a year ago in February.

Holcombe Dinner

Arthur N. Holcombe '06, professor of Government, was being tendered a dinner in Nanking during his visit there last winter. Jui H. Liu '09, who was presiding at the occasion, in the course of his after-dinner speech, emphasized the importance and need of forming a Harvard Club of Nanking.

His suggestion was promptly met with applause, a motion was proposed and passed unanimously. Dr. Liu was elected president. Tingsheng S. Wei '16, vice-president, and M. T. Yang secretary and treasurer. Professor Holcombe and Es V. Soong '15, ex-minister of finance, were honored with the positions of honorary presidents.

Tickled to Have Him

Dr. Chien adds naively, "There were 36 members present and the evening was in every way a great success. Professor Holcombe has just arrived and is giving a course of lectures at Central University; this is his second visit to China, and we are "tickled" to have him."

Another interesting note is found in the report from the Harvard Club of Germany. The secretary writes. "Under the title "Use Your Handkerchief," a provincial newspaper of Germany recently gave its readers a lesson in bygiene by informing them of studies made by two Harvard professors.