Ivy League Conference Fails to Produce Any Constructive Move

Not Ready to Establish Formal Organization; Yale Is Silent, Princeton Satisfied

Announcement was made last night by William J. Bingham '16, Director of Athletics, in conjunction with the athletic directors of Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale that the Ivy League conference had failed to reach any concrete solution whatsoever.

The statement which was released to the undergraduate dailies simultaneously reads as follows:

"During the past few weeks the formation of an heptagonal league in football, as advanced in your editorial of December 3, has been the subject of several discussions by athletic representatives of Columbia-Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton and Yale. As these institutions have for some time been allied in associations in baseball, basketball and track, there already exist a community of interests and a basis of friendship that have made possible very frank and extended conversations.

"All are in agreement that the trust and confidence which these institutions have in each other is of utmost value to the institutions themselves and to the game of football. There is a further accord as to the desirability of maintaining and increasing this confidence and in exercising the greatest vigilance in upholding the best standards of the game. All are mindful of the anxiety of undergraduates and others for the welfare of football, and it is hoped that through frequent exchange of views and frank discussions of our problems we shall be able to continue to play this game with the highest type of sportsman- ship.

"Some doubt was expressed, however, that the establishment of a formal league would attain all of the desired ends. Further difficulties arose in contemplating the limitations of a round robin schedule. The net result was a conviction that while a football league has such promising possibilities that it may not be dismissed and must be the subject of further consideration, the time has not yet come when the seven suggested members feel ready to establish a definite and formal organization."

During the vacation the athletic directors met in Georgia to consider informally, the proposed League, suggested initially by Princeton, but proposed by the seven college dailies in a joint editorial on December 3.

Reaction of the other colleges could be determined only partially, but the Princeton editorial this morning began "Paradoxically enough it was with considerable satisfaction that we received this morning's communication . . . that they did not feel ready to establish a definite and formal organization at this time." Yale made no comment whatsoever editorially