Seniors Compose Most of Football Outfit This Year

Team Must Make a Good Record as There are Only 6 Lowerclassmen On First Two Teams

Whether Harvard is due to win a number of major football victories this year or not, and the wise money is concentrating in the gambling circles to the effect that Harvard can't help winning a few, it is certain that long-range prospects aren't so good judging from the most recent edition of the Freshman teams.

In other words this is the year that Harvard must get its wins because after this year the going looks awfully dark. On the first team there are four juniors and a sophomore. On the second team backfield there is one junior and the rest seniors.

Meanwhile the Freshman team goes blithely along hanging up an enviable record of defeats which is currently matched only by the doctors at Johns Hopkins who don't even charge gate receipts. And who apparently don't play much football.

Last year the Freshman team didn't win a game and this year they're apparently making a determined bid to repeat. It is rumored that Skip Stahley is not in favor of this idea and is even hoping to change their ideas in this respect.

At present there are only two men who came up from last year's Freshman team--Torbert Macdonald and Bill Healey. It is admitted, of course, that Harlow, does not favor taking on sophomores and that they would have a tough time getting onto the Varsity roster, but two on the squad seems like a poor showing.

This year's Freshman squad has been shifted around so that it is hard to say who are the ranking players but it appears obvious that there aren't many there who are going to startle the world.

In case this analysis seems a little brutal it may pay to take a look back at the 1938 Freshman football squad which was captained by Art Oakes. That team won four and lost only to the Harvard Junior Varsity and Yale. Incidentally they beat Dartmouth 27 to 0 if you want a line on this Saturday's game.

Obviously the record of a Freshman team doesn't give a definite line on the Varsity three years from then, but it is one way. This then is the year.