Oraters Will Try to Make Schedule Fuller; Large Number of 1940 Men Cheer Officers

Setting the date for its fall trials on Monday, October 18, the Harvard Debating Council also announces the probating of a reformed constitution.

In line with plans outlined in a report by the officers last spring, the Council this year will try to have many more debates on its schedule. Also it will endeavor to initiate an "open team" policy whereby as many men as possible may take part in the arguments. In the past the tendency has been towards fewer and fewer actual participants.

Experienced Sophomores

Cause for further enthusiasm as the new season gets started is provided by the presence of 154 Sophomores who as Freshmen took part in Union Debating. Only 50 or so Juniors in College debated as Freshmen.

Subjects for the trials, open only to upperclassmen, are two, "Resolved, That the incorporation of labor unions should be made compulsory," and "Resolved: That the United States should immediately apply the provisions of the Neutrality Act in the Sino-Japanese situation."

Officers for 1937-38 are William W. Hancock '38, president; Robert W. Bean '39, vice-president; Lawrence F. Ebb '39, secretary-treasurer; and F. Welch Peel '39, secretary for publicity.

Key debates which the Council hopes to schedule are besides Yale and Princeton, Boston College, Melbourne, Vassar, and the Norfolk Prison Colony.