Composers' Forum Will Honor Harvard Musicians Tonight

Composers Will Be Present At Opening Concert of Season

Featuring a program by a group of composers associated with the University, the Composers' Forum Laboratory of the Federal Music Project will reopen in the lecture hall of the Boston Public Library this evening.

Walter Raymond Spalding '87, Walter Hamor Piston, Jr. '24, Edward Burligham Hill and Fan Stylian Noli '12 (former premier of Albania) will be present when their works are played.

The opening program of the Composers' Forum-Laboratory is as follows: String Quartet No. 2  Walter Hamor Piston. Three Songs  Walter Raymond Spalding (A) Aubado (B) Sea Song (C) Sorrow and Joy Sextette for Wind Instruments and Piano  Edward Burlingham Hill Trio in C for violin, violincello and piano  William Clifford Hoilman Psalm 137 for mixed chorus  Fan Stylian Noli