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They Liked "God Control"

To the Editor:

I was very glad to see your pictorial paragraph, titled "God Control." Quite a few of my friends at Harvard have spoken very favorably about this article ... I certainly hope you will scare up some further pictures and give us more about the whole business.

Cambridge, Mass. L.S.

To the Editor:

I was delighted with the "God Control feature, but for one error. Bill Pickle was cut out of the picture which features him, and in his place you left Hambro, president of the Norwegian parliament.

Wilkinsburg, Pa.   R. W.

To the Editor:

I was tremendously interested to see the picture news of the world-wide spiritual front called the One Group. Let's have more of this kind of news with answer. I am working at the New York University secretary, and find that when God guides in a job, it takes away the fear of losing your job, jealous other office employees and gives you a concrete thrilling plan each day.

New York City.   R. H.