Martyn Green Is Here Today; Comedian Speaks to Eng. 4A

Popular D'Oyly Carte Artist In Open Lecture at 2 O'Clock

Sever 11 and English A4 gleam with an extra ray of sunshine this afternoon. Martyn Green is coming to talk at 2 o'clock to the class and to all others who would like to be there.

Leading comedian of the D'Oyly Carte Company, Green has chosen for his address the subject "From Street Clothes to Character." That is his title, and within that title he plans to tell of the methods by which he creates and portrays the Gilbertian characters.

He came ever and spoke to Harvard when his company was here two years age. Today he returns at the invitation of Frank W. C. Hersey '99, instructor in English.

Green and his popular light opera people are currently playing to sellout Boston houses. Last week they made Crimson news when challenged to a rugby match by the local fifteen.