Harlow Officially Expresses Satisfaction as Season Ends

'Accomplished a Lot but Have a Long Way to Go'; 'Hit Harder This Year'

Expressing satisfaction at the results of the spring football drill, Dead Coach Dick Harlow yesterday said, "We accomplished a lot of work, but we have a long way to go and a lot of work to do next fall. I think we hit harder in spring practice than at any time last year."

Pressed for an opinion on next Fall's prospects, Harlow's only comment was, "We don't know how the June examinations will affect our playing personnel, but if we have everybody available, we should start with a better team than we did a year ago. We realize that our major opponents are not standing still. We expect all of them to be as strong, or stronger as in 1936.

Russ Allen Improved

With an average daily attendance of 54, the best Harlow has had since he came to Cambridge in 1935, the grid mentor expressed pleasure with the attitude of the entire squad, calling special attention to "the leadership and the great improvement in play of Captain Russ Allen, who should be one of the outstanding guards of the East next Fall."

Some perfect attendance records were made by Frazier Curtis, Torbert MacDonald, and Gus Soule of the Freshman class and Ken Booth '39, Myron Cohen '39, Richard Hedblom '39, Howard Johnson '39, and Ray Jones '39. Harlow would make no statement on the makeup of next year's squad, but said that it would consist of 37 players to be selected from a list of 60 men.

Seventy-nine Varsity squad prospects were named, including, according to the coach, "boys uncovered in Spring practice who would play a lot of football for Harvard after seasoning with the Junior Varsity next Fall.