On Friday evening, September 24, at 6.30 o'clock in the Union, the Class of 1941 will get its first glimpse of President Conant.

Whether they know him personally or not, whether they know or do not know his views and aims, or knowing approve or disapprove, Harvard students to the last man are FOR President Conant because like them he is young, like them he is eager, like them he is moving forward.

Now in his forties, the twenty-third president graduated from Harvard in 1914. From 1917 to the time in the spring of 1933 when he was elected to his present position, President Conant was a member of the Faculty and a leader in his field of Chemistry.

Last year he made national news by, among other incidents, successfully presiding ove the Tercentenary, by breaking his collarbone in a skiing accident, and by opposing the original Court Bill.