Simmons Talks on Russian Novelist

Dostoievsky's Classic "Brothers" Analyzed in Modern Language Conference

An analysis of Dostoievsky's "Brothers Karamazov" by Ernest J. Simmons, Assistant Professor of English, brought about 50 members of the Modern Language conference to the Leverett House Junior Common Room last night, as he emphasized Dostoievsky's importance as a novelist, rather than as a prophet.

He declared the literary psycho-analysts have gone astray in applying their methods, of drawing great conclusions from dubious and unimportant facts, to Dostoievsky. After declaring unsatisfactory all biographies of Dostoievsky, he announced that he had justed started such a biography.

Going on to say that "Brothers Karamazov" is the greatest of all Dostoievsky's novels, he pointed out how excellently the split personality of the author is portrayed in Ivan's mental struggle to reconcile the suffering of the world with God.