Varsity Swimmers Face 16 Meets for 1938-'39 Season

Four Intersectional, and Regional Championship Included In Schedule

Varsity swimmers face a schedule this year of 14 dual meets and four intersectional and regional championships. The season open December 17 with an unofficial but highly competitive meet against the Alumni, who include Messrs. Hutter, Kendall, Cummin, and Berizzi of 1937-38 fame.

The schedule is as follows: December 17, Alumni; January 9, Greenwood Memorial; January 11, Springfield; January 14, Cornell; January 18, Brown; February 4, Colgate; February 8, Boston Y. M. C. A.; February 11, Pennsylvania; February 13, Harvard Water Carnival; February 14, New England Championships at the Boston Y.; February 15, Providence Boys Club; February 18, Navy at Annapolis; February 25, Columbia at New York; March 1, Dartmouth; March 4, Princeton at Princeton; March 11, Yale; March 17 and 18, Eastern Intercollegiate League Championships at New Haven, and March 24 and 25, National Intercollegiate championships at Ann Arbor, Michigan.