The Moviegoer


Since it is always pleasant to look at Constance Bennett, it would follow that any picture she is in should be seen. This applies to "Service De Luxe," which opened yesterday at the Memorial. A tendency to drag in spots and a too-melodramatic ending are the chief faults of this film, which will neither edify nor inspire, but which should certainly amuse. In addition to Miss Bennett and a novel plot, the picture offers Charles Ruggles and Helen Broderick in roles that do them justice, and Mischa Auer in one of the best pieces of acting he has ever done. As a Russian cook and erstwhile archduke, Mr. Auer chats continuously with his patron saint, located somewhere over his right shoulder, and all but steals the picture from Miss Bennett.

Charles Bickford staggers bravely through "The Storm," which takes place at sea and nearly prevents Nan Grey from draining Preston Foster's appendices which needed draining. It is a messy but moderately interesting second feature.