Tolerance Books In Dining Halls To Aid Refugees

In preparation to opening its drive for $10,000 today, the Harvard Refugee Committee has announced the election of Robert F. Horrick, noted Boston lawyer and known as the "benefactor of the Harvard crew," as treasurer and Calhoun Stillman '39 as undergraduate treasurer.

Walter Lippmann sent the committee a telegram saying he was "glad to contribute $100." Monsignor John A. Ryan also sent a telegram of approval and "heartily endorses" the refugee plan.

Arthur H. Compton, of the University of Chicago and Nobel prize winner in a telegram to the committee called the plan "the most effective possible demonstration of American's will that freedom and justice shall be the right of all men."

Drive Starts Today

The active drive will start today when Tolerance Books will be placed at all the House dining halls and in the university dormitories. All who are in favor of the plan will be asked to sign.

The signers in the Tolerance Books will not, however, be obliged to contribute to the fund, but blank cheques will be available and cash contributions will be accepted by representatives of the committee in charge at each House.