Starts Plan for Biology Concentrators To Meet Research Men and Discuss Apparatus

Bat bending and the organization of groups of concentrators in Biology to meet with research men in that field are recent developments in the Lowell House Scientific Society.

Feeling that the knowledge of bats is scarce, the Society headed by the executive committee of Donald R. Griffin '38, Karl F. Guthe '39, Philip W. Morse '38, Douglas H. Robinson '39, and Ralph I. Smith '38, has taken up the bending of bats as a cooperate venture. As a result of their work they have discovered that bats in New England migrate to as much as the distance of 200 miles.

As there has been no efficient way in the past of enabling concentrators in Biology to learn about the research in that field, the society has made arrangements for groups of them to meet with the researchers and to learn about their experiments. The research men also explain the apparatus used.