10 of Original 60 Survive in Speaking Competition; Finals Will Be Held on March 30

Ten of the original entrants survived the semi-final round of the annual Lee Wade and Boylston prize competition for English or Latin declamation held in Paine Hall yesterday afternoon.

Only one of the competitors, Gordon N. Messing '38, chose a Latin selection, reciting parts from Lucretius' "De Rerum Naturae." Other recitations ranged from excerpts from James Joyce to passages from a speech made by Senator Claude Pepper on the 1937 Appropriation Act. The finals, open to the public, will be held in Paine Hall on Wednesday evening, March 30.

Finalists are: Jonas N. Muller '40, David P. McAllester '38, Alan S. Geismer '38, Stuart M. Wyeth '38, Gordon N. Messing '38, John A. Sullivan, Jr. '38, Henry H. Buckman, 3rd ocC, James C. Higgins, Jr. '38, T. Dunstan Thompson '40, and Harry R. Harwood, Jr. '39.