The Moviegoer


RKO Boston's current attraction, swan song of a seven-week policy of presenting a second feature instead of a stage show, shows clearly why the project has failed. There has been nothing in the outward appearance of these pictures that could induce a pedestrian to come on in and sit down.

Those who go in this week, will probably stay, not breathlessly, nor dewey-eyed, but merely out of curiosity. "Rags are more than riches when worn for virtue's sake" is the moral of "City Girl," a drab tale of seduction in wicked old New York. Phyllis Brooks in the title role does nothing to better a deplorably poor picture.

Joan Fontaine's performance in "Maid's Night Out" comes as a pleasing contrast. Although vaguely reminiscent of the old Hal Roach comedies, it presents in a sprightly way the adventures of a playboy turned milkman (Allan Lane). The plot may be weak, but the lines and fine character portrayals of the whole cast leave the audience in an exuberant, happy frame of mind. Just to make the program absolutely earth-shattering, the management has thrown in les cinq Dionnes.