Desk Full of Candy and Daily Chats With Important Executives Was the Formula Used by One Smart Boy

If you want to make good in Hollywood, here's a formula that's been found successful: Keep a desk full of candy and invite important executives in to chat during the day.

A smart young man tried that not so very long ago and is today the assistant production manager to a million-dollar magnate, Dorothy Speare, film writer and novelist, revealed to more than 100 curious who crowded into Sever 11 yesterday afternoon.

Boy Must Meet Girl

Embryonic screen writers were told that a screen story to be successful must contain the stock formula of "Boy meets girl". Studio executives, she said, assign writers to build such stories around a star, a baby starlet, 100 beauty contest winners, a song, or somebody's wife's hat. You must be able to tell the director your story in one sentence, she warned, or it will not be considered.