University Backing Assured by Dean Hanford's Agreement to Introduce Speakers at Sanders Theatre

With 12 leading undergraduate organizations cooperating in the greatest drive for peace ever launched at the University, a program, including Representatives Hamilton Fish and John T. Bernard as chief speakers, has been drawn up for a rally at Sanders Theatre next Wednesday, it was learned yesterday.

University backing for the demonstration was assured as Dean Hanford agreed to introduce the platform keynoters. Francis Keppel '38, president of the Student Council, will also address the crowd, estimated to total over 1500.

Present Opposite Views

Fish, famed Republican neutrality supporter, is from President Roosevelt's own Dutchess County and Bernard, Farmer-Laborite from Minnesota, will enlarge on the collective security program.

A month ago, the Harvard Student Peace Committee rejected proposals for a definite policy at the meeting along with its characterization as a "strike" in an effort to arouse impartially student interest in peace.

Forming the committee are the Advocate, CRIMSON, Debating Council, Engineering Society, Freshman Union Committee, Guardian, Memorial Society, Neutrality Committee, Phillips Brooks House, Freshman Photographic Club, Student Union, and Young Conservatives.