Making Hockey Major Sport Was One Of Accomplishments of Student Council

(Excerpt from Alan Jewett Lowrey's article in the 1913 Class Album)

It is impossible to enumerate here all the work the Council has accomplished during the year. There are, however, certain things that deserve special mention. "The Harvard University Register" was published in a form even more complete than last year. The Committee on Organizations has organized a Federation of Territorial Clubs, which is doing excellent work, and is now getting out an attractive book, descriptive of the University, to send to Preparatory Schools throughout the country.

At a meeting of the whole Council a recommendation to the Athletic Committee was passed after a somewhat long and heated discussion asking that hockey be made a major sport. The Athletic Committee carried out the suggestion.

One of the greatest steps forward this year has been in having the Athletic Committee turn over to the Council the power to regulate all future managerial competitions.

In March, 1913, a movement was started to raise funds for the erection of a new gymnasium, and several thousand dollars have been since pledged by undergraduates.