That Coach Buck Walsh of the Middies is getting really worried over the coming race with the Bollesmen seemed well confirmed last night when reports from Annapolis showed that he had shifted his bowman, Neal Almgren to take Tommy Walker's place at stroke.

Almgren led the boat that overpowered Syracuse, Columbia, and Cornell--the latter by ten feet--while Walker held down the timing position as the Navy eight coasted to an easy victory over Princeton.

The announcement that S. H. Kinney, stroke of the Navy plebes, had sprained his back and would not be able to row Saturday removed beyond all doubt the only remaining threat to Harvey Love's powerful sweepers, G. A. Lucien was moved up from the number 6 position to fill Kinney's place.

Harvard Only Threat

Admitting that the Harvard race is "the only test that stands between Navy and the eastern sprint championship," Walsh said yesterday that although for many years the Middies prepared for the Poughkeepsie race, this time they are aiming for the sprint title.

Meanwhile on the Charles Tom Bolles was putting his Varsity boat through a four mile workout upstream as the Jayvees and Third crews took four two minute runs.

The Coach temporarily shifted Tom Talbot from stroke of the Third Varsity to number 6 on the Jayvees in place of Bill Huenekens. Phillips Hallowell from the Thirds came up to number 3 on the Seconds as Dick Ninde moved back to bow and Henry Lock took Hallowell's place on the Thirds.