All roads lead to Rome, and all final examination and course grades lead the students hot on their trail to University Hall. But that ground is hallowed now, and no sleuth may legally apprehend his prey thereon.

Because the difficulty of entering grades and carying on the regular office routine at the same time makes it impossible to answer individual requests, the Dean's Office plans to forestall the annual traffic jam by making clear today the above subsidary facts.

In search of quick return best method is for each student to leave in his blue-book an addressed postcard, which the instructor in the course can fill our and send to him as soon as the grade is determined.

Otherwise, a student may leave an addressed card with the names of his courses written on it at the Information Desk in University 4. This card will be mailed when complete returns are in.

If an individual card is left for each course, the office will try to send the grades soon after they are received at University Hall.

As final grades are not due until Commencement, except for candidates for degrees, it is not possible to guarantee immediate attention for all cards.

It is suggested that men who must know individual grades early, in order to make plans about Summer School, or for some other reason, should give a telegraph address to the secretary of their assistant Dean in University 4, before leaving Cambridge.

Official reports on students' standings will be mailed in July or early August to parents or guardians.