The worst of the lesser evils around Harvard Square in recent years has been the practice of panhandling by clever professional hums. Newcomers to Harvard, especially, should be aware of this insidious form of getting aims, for by giving these men nickels and dimes they stoop to the weakness of misplaced sentiment. Not only do they abet a common evil, but at the same time they work against organized Cambridge charities.

Although Saint Paul claimed that charity was the greatest of all virtues, such a wise man as he would never approve of providing charity where it did not belong. Encouraging people, most of whom are human waste, to make their living by panhandling is not virtuous; indeed, it is destructive and therefore evil. In view of the Harvard man's sophistication and supposed intelligence, it is ridiculous that he be regarded by professional beggars in this neighborhood as being the biggest sucker. Will you begin your career here by becoming the dupe of trained sympathy-provokers?