Phillips Brooks House's two student counselors, Schafter Williams '32 and Norris P. Swett '37, have moved to large and choosier quarters on the second floor of P.B.H., it was announced yesterday.

Last year in a small room on the first floor of the House Williams and Swett were able to assist some 300 students from every branch of the University to find an answer to personal questions. The entire gamut of possible problems was run, from a Freshman's doubts about taking up Chinese to a graduate student's hesitation about taking a wife. So far, it is claimed, no situation has stumped their resourcefulness.

In addition, part of their work has been to help persons discover their real interests in order to select a vocation. Other phases have dealt with the more involved and sometimes emotional problems of a roommate who must leave college. Their fund of factual knowledge of persona and agencies around the University is bountiful, so that often they can put a student in touch at once with the solution to his particular Harvard puzzle.